AMS Ads and CPC Help for New Authors

So I posted this to one of my lovely FB groups and thought I’d share it here in case anyone is searching for help on this topic. I don’t speak for Amazon. I’m just another writer who’s been trying to understand how to work Amazon ads and was hoping this could help some of youContinue reading “AMS Ads and CPC Help for New Authors”

30+ Character Clothing Styles

I haven’t found many straight forward lists available online that cover different styles of dress. I studied this some in college but really wanted to lay it all out in a way that I could compare them in a condensed form. Occasionally, I’ll get an idea for a plot, but won’t know which style, setting,Continue reading “30+ Character Clothing Styles”

Master List of Colors & How They Can Change Reader Interpretation

(Color Charts Below) Though it’s often not the most important part, the right color can invigorate any description. I made these lists for myself, to help me pick color names that were exactly what I was searching for without becoming repetitive. Depending on the content, you might consider selecting recognizable names within a specific categoryContinue reading “Master List of Colors & How They Can Change Reader Interpretation”

Book Completion Checklist

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the tasks you need to complete to self-publish your book, and you’re having trouble finding that sticky note with that “thing you were supposed to do…” I’ve compiled a Word document I use as a guide for what to get done to prep my self-published books for launch.

Fiction Novels: How Creating a Language Can Enhance a Story

Language is one of those details you can’t borrow or steal like a hat. It can expose the characters’ pasts, secrets, and truths without major word-count-consuming action.